I know… after so many years and domain/blog changes I went and changed it… again. But I kept getting locked out of the herloveforfood domain and I didn’t know which other blog to put my posts on so I thought just cross posting everywhere would be ok (spoiler: it’s not ok). So instead I decided to just make a blog dedicated to all my foodie adventures (minus cooking, that’s on a different blog).

I’m currently located in the Dallas, TX area but I’ve always had a love for food. I was born and raised in NorCal which is where this all started. Then in my mid 20’s got a job at Walt Disney World and ventured around Orlando and Staford as well as the amazing eats at the Disney parks and resorts. So I have a lot to talk about!

I’m a former Pastry Chef who studied at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco turned Communications and Social Media major. I graduated from Full Sail University in Social Media and currently almost finished with my Communications BA. Beyond food I have a love for writing, reading, blogging, gaming, photography, shopping (is that a hobby), chasing my toddler around and telling my rescue cat to move before her sister runs her over with her walker.

I live a pretty full and busy life but that doesn’t stop me from doing anything I love to do. I’m even in the process of starting a business. As if I don’t have too much to do as it is, right?

But that’s the problem when you have too many passions, you never know which direction to go in next!

So if you like food and if you’d like to see me slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) improve my food styling photography then stick around. I’d love to have you join me on this super yummy ride!

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